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Here at Rainbo, we believe in mushrooms.

That's the gist of it really. Our mission is to increase awareness of and access to mushroom healing.

We also believe that learning about what we put into our bodies helps us to become conscious consumers and to make empowered health choices. And we know that one of the best ways to learn about something is to do it hands on. This is why we have teamed up with DoubleBlind Magazine to teach you how to grow your own mushrooms at home.

Did you know that growing mushrooms isn't that hard? Fungi are robust organisms that grow abundantly when given the right conditions. 

Check out our Mushroom Lexicon for lingo used by mushroom cultivators.

Doubleblind's 101 Course: How to Grow Mushrooms
The Basics of Cultivation

For beginners - no experience necessary! In this course DoubleBlind takes you step by step, from spores & supplies to harvesting your first flush of shrooms, right in the comfort of your home. You will learn about how to build your grow environment, hydration, fruiting and harvesting.

Doubleblind's 102 Course: How to Grow Mushrooms
Bigger & Better Yields

For intermediate cultivators - and those ready to dive into the mycology deep end! In this course DoubleBlind will teach you how to create your own library of mushroom genetics as well as how to determine the best type of grain spawn, substrate, and fruiting chamber for you.

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Mush Kits

This Fall, we're making Rainbo mushroom grow kits available so that you can grow your own at home without having to do the first couple of steps! All mush kits come "ready to fruit" ie. ready to produce mushrooms!

Pink Oyster Mush Kit

Blue Oyster Mush Kit

Lion's Mane Mush Kit

The kits include a block of myceliated substrate and a humidity tent - all you have to do is cut air holes in your block so that the mushrooms have somewhere to grow out from and then keep a moist environment under the humidity tent. A little TLC (and we mean very little) and you will have 1-1.5 lbs of fresh, edible & medicinal mushrooms to cook up for dinner!

So start today!

Growing your own food helps us build a deeper respect, relationship and consciousness about what we consume as we are reminded of the vibrancy and cyclical nature of life around us.

The mushroom life cycle.