Choosing Your Tincture: Alcohol-Based or Alcohol-Free?

Choosing Your Tincture: Alcohol-Based or Alcohol-Free?

Are you new to functional mushrooms? Or considering which mushroom tincture is best for you? Be sure to check out our article, Which mushroom is best for me.

In addition to selecting your mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, 11:11 and /or Turkey Tail), we also have two formats: alcohol-based tinctures and alcohol-free tinctures. Keep reading to learn about both types of tinctures, which will help you determine if an alcohol-based or alcohol-free tincture is best for you.

Alcohol-Based Tinctures

  • Solvent Sorcery: We use a blend of organic USP alcohol and spring water, crafting a solvent that's incredibly efficient at extracting the goodness from mushrooms.
  • Extraction Extraordinaire: This dynamic duo (alcohol and water) works wonders, pulling out those nifty polysaccharides, vitamins, and other mushroom marvels.
  • Preservation Power: Alcohol isn't just for partying – it’s a top-notch preserver, keeping your tincture tip-top for years.
  • Potency Perfection: Thanks to its stellar extraction skills, alcohol-based tinctures are like the superheroes of potency, ensuring you get a concentrated dose of mushroom magic.
  • Usage Uncovered: Perfect for extracting those elusive, water-shy compounds, this method gets you all the benefits, no holds barred.
  • Considerations: If you're steering clear of alcohol for personal or health reasons, this one might not be your potion.

Alcohol-Free Tinctures:

  • Dual Extraction Delight: First, we play matchmaker with water and alcohol, ensuring we extract every bit of mushroom magic. Then, we wave goodbye to the alcohol, keeping all the good stuff.
  • Glycerin Goodness: After the alcohol adieu, we stabilize the tincture with glycerin, adding a hint of sweetness and a dollop of preservation.
  • Preservation & Potency: Glycerin-based tinctures have a cozy shelf life of 1-2 years, and despite being alcohol-free, they're packed with potency, thanks to our dual extraction wizardry.
  • Wider Welcome: These tinctures are the all-embracing arms of our Rainbo family, perfect for those seeking an alcohol-free elixir.
  • Usage & Benefits: Ideal for everyone, these tinctures bring the full spectrum of   mushroom benefits, from tiny tots to those with specific health considerations.

Whether you're in for the potent punch of alcohol-based tinctures or the gentle embrace of alcohol-free ones, we've got you covered.

Choose your tincture and join us on this journey of wellness and healing!