Nature needs mushrooms. We like to keep them there.

Sustainability is one of our pillars at Rainbo and here is how we’ve built it into every decision and the fabric of our business.

  • Our mushrooms are cultivated sustainably in Canada with the exception of chaga which would take 20 years to cultivate to fruiting body! We do source local chaga sustainably from nature
  • Nature needs mushrooms – so we like to leave them there
  • We upcycle: we use organic spent coffee grinds that would otherwise be thrown away to culture and grow our mycelium into healthy mushrooms (spores love to grow on coffee grinds)
  • We use glass bottles and our tincture lid is made from bamboo instead of plastic – we invite customers to reuse our bottles!
  • We offer bulk mushroom tincture to cafes and restaurants
  • We don’t ship with plastic and are working on some innovative solutions for shipping!
  • Our labels are 100% paper based and even the laminate doesn’t contain plastics
  • A portion of every single bottle sold online goes to our reforestation efforts and social justice causes 
  • We are always looking to support mycoremediation projects