Heal your body, elevate humanity.

Our potent and high quality adaptogenic functional mushrooms bring radical health and harmony to people and the planet.

We’re woman-owned, Canadian-grown, guided by science and grounded in healing

Our Process

Sourced at the fruiting body stage, our dual extract and non-psychoactive mushroom tinctures are brimming with benefits for a more supported body and mind. 

Our Promise

No grain. No fillers. No mycelium in our products. Just mushrooms with you and Mother Earth in mind.

B-Corp Certified
Climate Neutral
Fruiting Body Mushroom
Made in Canada
100% Traceable
Third Party Tested

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On Mushrooms

Meditations on Mushrooms

By nature, mushrooms flourish via interconnected networks. Like us, their need for relation is what allows them to grow, improve, and share with the world their capacity to create positive impact everywhere. Fungi are for everyone and everything, and teach us that all beings thrive interdependently.

Rainbo is proudly certified

We need fungi, and fungi need the planet. Mushrooms hold the intelligence to heal but they can only spread their wisdom with us if the ecosystem we share is a healthy one. World saving solutions are underfoot, and we’re bringing them to light for the benefit of all things. 

Two tinctures, one bundle, infinite benefits.