Rainbo is your space for optimizing your mind, body and spirit with fungi

We offer potent and high quality adaptogenic mushrooms to bring radical health and harmony to people and the planet.

  • Rainbo was born in 2018 in my Toronto apartment after many transformative experiences with fungi, but the spores of awareness were planted much earlier. My journey with fungi first began in 2011 brewing mushroom tea and reconnecting to nature in the Canadian forests. It was in this season that I knew mushrooms would be with me for the rest of my life. They became and still are instrumental in my healing journey, and I know they can be for yours, too.

    For many years I struggled with digestive issues and immune dysregulation. Mentally, I was anxious and in a constant cycle of stress and brain fog—in retrospect I was existing in a general state of disconnection. After failed attempts at feeling better via traditional western medicine, my world shifted as I adopted mind-body practices, changed my diet and began taking mushrooms functionally. 

    I created Rainbo to spread mushrooms to the masses and get people healthier and more deeply connected to nature. Mushrooms have shown me that whole-person healing is possible—that balance between all parts of ourselves and our social and natural environments is within grasp. ​​

    The great metaphor of what mushrooms represent in nature is both my—and Rainbo’s—raison d’être: resilience, cooperation, and the unfathomable magnitude of nature’s intelligence and interconnectedness. These fungal organisms contain some of the secrets to life as they network and weave wisdom into the collective consciousness. 

    I’m so happy our journeys have converged at this moment in time because now is the time. Thank you for being here and welcome to our Rainbo world.

    Tonya Papanikolov

    Holistic Nutritionist
    Kundalini Yoga Practitioner
    M.S Mind-Body Medicine Student

Our Manifesto

Because eventually, we’ll all go back to fungi.
This is our cosmic trip. 

In through nature, out through nature. What we do in between is our calling.
Because eventually, we’ll see there was no separation—only a collective chance
for interdependence

We are fungal advocates. We see the unseen and know the unknown. 

We are human nature potentiators. The path forward to human and planetary
health is ours to hold, nourish and remember

We are guided by

The quality of our mushrooms, our people, our supply chain and beyond is directly connected to our quest for integrity. We opt for the highest quality, most sustainable everything because it’s how we honor our greater mission of bringing true mushroom health and healing to all.
Rainbo is a conduit for limitless thinking, leaps in consciousness, and happiness. We empower people to evolve and elevate their humanity through fungi and an interconnected understanding of nature. Mushrooms hold worlds within themselves, and we seek to distill their complexities and wisdom for the betterment of all people.
Mushrooms can lead us toward the path of long-term health and harmony. When the power of health is on your side, its benefits cascade far beyond mind, body, and spirit. Personal health means more opportunity for care; caring for other people, critical causes, the earth, and our global consciousness. Health is how we grow and transform together and is our greatest asset.
Rainbo’s intention is for the highest good. The decisions we make (or don’t make) as a business are in lasting service to people, our planet, and the fungi beneath our feet. We formulate and produce our mushrooms with purpose insofar that every product we make is meant to reveal humanity’s capacity for greatness and cultivate intention in your day and life.
Fungi are the architects of community—their inherent need for interdependence and how they flourish because of it inspires how we build, grow and support communities. Rainbo began (and still is) a small, family-based business. As we’ve expanded, the core of our community and the handful who’ve shaped it remain.
We say what we mean and mean what we say. Internally and externally, we endeavour to be of the highest integrity through our words, actions, intentions, products, people and beyond.

Remember you are nature.

We need fungi, and fungi need the planet. Mushrooms hold the intelligence to heal but they can only spread their wisdom with us if the ecosystem we share is a healthy one. World saving solutions are underfoot, and we’re bringing them to light for the benefit of all beings.