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Medicinal Mushroom Science: Benefits & Superpowers

Medicinal Mushrooms - what do they do ?

These powerful and magical organisms have an ancient history of traditional use going back thousands of years, yet are largely unknown in today’s Western society.  We are most familiar with those tasty button portobellos, oyster, shiitake - the edible mushrooms we eat as foods and which provide us with a dense nutritional profile. Edible mushrooms are great sources of fiber and protein (containing all 9 essential amino acids) as well as many important nutrients including B vitamins, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and glutathione, and vitamin D. Some of these edible mushrooms have also been discovered as having medicinal value due to the presence of biologically active compounds that are capable of influencing our physiological processes.

These are considered medicinal mushrooms and they act as functional foods meaning they provide us with health benefits above and beyond the provision of essential nutrients. Consumed as a regular dietary supplement, these mushrooms have a high potential for improving health by increasing resilience, delaying the aging process, protecting against chronic disease, and supporting the structure and function of the body.

Other non-edible medicinal mushrooms contain indigestible fibers and require extraction methods in order to consume them and reap the benefits. Our 11:11 tincture is made of 11 super medicinal mushrooms that are dually extracted in 70% spring water and 30% organic GMO-free, non-corn based ethanol. This dual extraction is important in order to obtain the water-soluble compounds, such as beta-glucans, as well as the alcohol-soluble compounds, such as triterpenes, thus creating a medically potent tincture with high bioavailability.  

Learn how we cultivate, harvest, and use our mushrooms

These 11 mushrooms were carefully selected to create one super-supplement tincture because of their individual and combined benefits, originating from tradition and backed by current science. 

The 11 super mushrooms and why we chose them:

Chaga, our potent antioxidant and longevity mushroom

  • Chaga contains one of the highest antioxidant content of any food, which acts to protect DNA, slow the aging process and even provide skin-protection against UV-light induced damage.
  • Chaga extract enhances the immune system in response to infection and suppress inflammation. 
  • It also plays a beneficial role in controlling metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, and obesity.
  • Chaga also aids in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Reishi, our adaptogenic relax mushroom

  • Reishi is a potent adaptogen which helps the body manage and adapt to stress.
  • Reishi has also been shown to support a healthy sleep cycle.
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory packed with antioxidants.
  • It supports successful activation of the immune system, while also supporting other vital organs such as the heart and the liver.

Lion’s Mane, our nerve and brain support mushroom

  • Lion’s mane promotes cognitive function enhancement, including improved memory, clarity, and focus.
  • Lion’s mane extract stimulates the production of nerve growth factor, “NGF”, which in turn stimulates the growth and protection of nerve cells.
  • It may help prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia. 
  • Lion’s mane extract has also been shown to boost the immune system, protect the gut, reduce cardiovascular risk, and potentially manage diabetes.

Cordyceps, our energy, power, and sex mushroom

  • Cordyceps increases ATP levels in the body, which is the molecule that powers our cells.
  • Extracts of cordyceps support energy metabolism in the body, boosting athletic endurance and increasing oxygen uptake in cells.
  • It supports a healthy libido and may also enhance fertility by increasing sperm count, survival rate and quality. 
  • Cordyceps may help balance the stress and adrenal response.
  • It’s extract supports cognitive function and protects the cardiovascular system, providing anti-aging support.

Turkey Tail, our immune booster mushroom

  • Turkey tail extract contains powerful immune-boosting compounds.
  • Turkey tail has been shown to act as a prebiotic promoting a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • It’s a source of antioxidants protecting against DNA damage.
  • Supported by clinical evidence, turkey tail is shown to help prevent and treat cancer, importantly supporting the damaged immune system after chemotherapy. 

Our heart health and cholesterol control mushrooms: 


  • Heart-healthy shiitake extract contains compounds that help lower cholesterol.
  • Shiitake also provides high levels of B-vitamins and pro-vitamin D.
  • These factors lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • It also boosts your immune system, combats inflammation, and provides liver support


  • Oyster mushrooms contain compounds, such as natural lovastatin, that help lower cholesterol levels and keep arteries clear of plaques which mitigates risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Oyster extracts have a protective antioxidant, and henceforth anti-aging, effect on vital organs.
  • Also, it is indicated to be anti-cancer by inhibiting tumor growth.

Our anti-microbial mushroom:


  • Agarikon, known as the mushroom of longevity, protects the body against bacterial and viral infection.

Our robust general wellness and immune strength mushrooms:

Royal Sun Blazei

  • Royal Sun Blazei extracts contain compounds that indicate robust cellular support
    • Anticancer activity via stimulation of the immune system
    • Antimicrobial activity to prevent against infection
    • Liver protection
    • Antidiabetic effect
    • Anti-allergy 


    • Maitake is an adaptogenic mushroom providing immune system support.
    • The modulation of immune cells might help fight against tumors.
    • Maitake extract may also aid in lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.
    • As well it may improve fat metabolism.


    • Mesima extract displays many benefits regarding it as an all over general health supplement.
      • Anticancer, mesima is commonly used as an alternative or adjunctive cancer therapy 
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Immune boost
      • Antioxidant
      • Fights and prevents microbial infection
      • Antidiabetic
      • Liver protection
      • Neuroprotective 

    Learn how medicinal mushrooms support immune function and how fungi plays a role in gut health

    Combining the power of these 11 mushrooms together in one tincture allows our immune system to be activated in a multifactorial way thereby enhancing the protective effect. The complementary constituents from each mushroom extract broaden the opportunity for therapeutic benefit, covering each individual’s unique body chemistry and physiology. In 11:11 our mushrooms act together to synergistically optimize health.


    *If you’re interested in diving into the clinical studies that support these claims please refer to our ‘clinical studies’ section on the product page for 11:11.

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