There are 5 individual tinctures in a row with a white background. Each tincture is fully white with text on it and the rainbo logo which is a rainbow. The tinctures in the photo are chaga, cordyceps, 11:11, lion's mane and reishi.

Which mushroom is best for me?

Unsure which Rainbo Mushroom tincture is best for you?

We hear you! We've been getting this question from many of you.

Now that you have learned a little bit about mushroom medicine and mushrooms as functional foods, how do you choose between mushrooms? Can you take more than one at a time? What’s the difference between a blend of multiple mushrooms in a tincture versus a single mushroom tincture? And what is a tincture?

Navigating which medicinal mushroom supplement fits your individual needs may feel confusing, so here is our quick and simple guide to choosing which tincture(s) is/are best for you.

How to choose between medicinal mushroom tinctures.

Start off by asking yourself what health benefits you are looking for:

A chart titled "What are you looking for?" displaying 6 different medicinal mushroom tinctures side by side horizontally and their listed benefits underneath them as bullet points.


Remember: medicinal mushrooms aren't a cure all! They are aids, allies, and supporting sidekicks that accompany and enhance a healthy lifestyle. First and foremost, there must be a holistic approach to optimal living that balances diet and lifestyle in addition to supplementation. For example, add our mushrooms to your self-care regime in conjunction with modifying your diet to eliminate refined sugar (a huge contributor to inflammation!) as well as finding lifestyle tools that work for you to help mitigate stress (meditation, yoga, restorative practices, 8 hours of sleep etc.). We always recommend working with a natural health practitioner for more guidance. 

How do we source and use our mushrooms?

What's the difference between a blend of mushrooms like 11:11 and single mushroom tinctures?

11:11 is a blend of 11 different medicinal mushrooms, each conferring their own health benefits. However, when they are combined together, mushrooms act synergistically with each other to further enhance the beneficial effects. Mushrooms are thought to work differently in teams than they do when they’re alone. 11:11 contains smaller doses of each mushroom than is found in our single mushroom tinctures but has amplified and/or distinct benefits due to the synergistic effects.

Our Reishi, Chaga, CordycepsLion's Mane, and Turkey Tail tinctures contain higher doses of each individual mushroom and are great for targeting the specific goals that each respective mushroom is known to support. 

Can I use more than one tincture at the same time?


How to combine more than one mushroom tincture into your health regime:

We believe that mushrooms work better together, and we encourage combining our mushroom tinctures! Especially if you are interested in specific benefits that are supported by our single mushroom tinctures. We recommend using the higher concentration of those specific mushroom allies alone, and then integrating the right combination of single mushroom tinctures into your routine. Consistency is key. If you are interested in both Chaga and Cordyceps - make sure to take both of them consistently!


We recommend starting off with one product at the recommended dosage of 4-8ml daily so you can get a feel of how each mushroom (or blend) affects your body. After that you can increase the dosage and create combinations to see what works best for you.


What is mushroom cycling? It's another great option for adding mushroom medicine into your life that incorporates cycling between our tinctures. This means starting off with daily use of 1 or 2 tinctures, and once you have finished those bottles, switching over to 1 or 2 different mushroom tinctures. It's reasoned that mushroom cycling allows for rest periods in between the periods of stimulation by the same mushroom components. Cycling is also great for working with the functional benefits of each of our mushroom tinctures throughout the year, allowing you to concentrate on one mushroom therapy at a time. 

Still can’t decide which mushroom tincture to go with?

If finding the right combination feels complicated, or you feel called to all of the mushroom benefits and can’t just pick one, we would recommend starting off with our 11:11 tincture. All the mushrooms are present in small concentrations, mainly working together as immunomodulators, but supporting a generally balanced body. 11:11 acts like a mushroom multivitamin when taken everyday.

As you become more attuned to your own goals, switching from 11:11 to a single mushroom tincture may start to become obvious - like switching from a multivitamin to a single vitamin that supplements and supports a defined target.

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