Rainbo is a B Corp!

Rainbo is a B Corp!

We’re officially a B Corp!

And it’s been a long, at-times daunting, journey to get here. Last year I spent hundreds of hours on Rainbo’s B Corp application, creating our policies and in diligence with B Lab. We’re so proud we’ve finally accomplished this goal that we’ve had since our launch in 2018! 

So, What is a B Corp?

B Corp is a new type of company. B Corps are companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance.

Our mission is/has/always will be to use our business as a force for good. Whether we have this certification or not, this is what we’ll do. 

I envision a future economy where the standards of B Corp are universal and the status quo. Until then, this certification acts as a guide and proof point that we are walking our talk, that we are committed to raising our own and the industry bar, and we hope it will encourage other businesses to make this commitment as well. It is the future. It is the only way.

The B Corp certification isn’t just another label we get to put on our website or products. It means that we’ve gone through a rigorous process to build KINDNESS into the very fabric of who we are and how we show up every day… 

Our certification shapes and impacts:

  • Our legal structure
  • How we care for our people, the humans behind Rainbo
  • The integrity and transparency of our supply chain
  • Our customers and community
  • The folks who do not yet have access to our products but who we aim to impact
  • The very products that we create that are intended to fortify and expand your mind, spirit and body
  • The planet



Just shareholders.

 = The Triple Bottom Line: People + Planet + Profit

We’re proud to be the first mushroom brand (to our knowledge) to become a B Corp and are excited to join a global community of people who think about business the way we do. Out of ~215 million companies worldwide, only around 4000 are B Corps. We need more and we need you!

Being a B Corp isn’t just something we’ve achieved—it’s a part of our DNA. Thank you for trusting us, journeying with us and being committed to both your health and the health of our collective and planet. Your support is truly the greatest honour.

Now, let’s get to work!


-Tonya Papanikolov
Founder, CEO

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