Climate Neutral Committed logo with mountains and trees in background.

Our Climate Neutral Commitment


The world needs to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050. Brands and consumers can lead the way to contribute to this future.

Rainbo's Commitment

To celebrate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, we're excited to announce that Rainbo is going Climate Neutral! This means that we will be measuring, offsetting and reducing all of the carbon it takes to make and deliver our products.

We're committed to offsetting the full scope of our environmental impact through the pursuit of Climate Neutral Certification -- we'll be officially certified by June 2021 and will have offset our 2020 carbon emissions. We'll be measuring our emissions in May, offsetting them in June and will share an announcement when we're officially Climate Neutral Certified!

We may be a small company but it's critical that we (all) start now. The sooner every business and industry builds this measurement and awareness into the fabric of their operations, the faster we can collectively reverse the climate crisis. Consumers also play a critical role in choosing to support brands and products that are Climate Neutral Certified, or that have a third party verifying their emissions and offsets.

We're the first mushroom company to commit to becoming Climate Neutral and we hope that many other companies from the industry at large start to measure and offset their carbon footprints as well.

Why is becoming Climate Neutral Certified important to us at Rainbo?

Because everything we make, buy, and sell leaves a carbon trail and we have decided to take responsibility for it. Because, we want a deeper understanding and awareness of our supply chain, emissions and to set goals for reduction. Simply put, because we got into business to create positive and lasting changes for people and planet.

Terms to know:

  • Ecological Footprint: The total amount of resources required to sustain you (or a business) with everything you need. May be measured in area (hectares) or 'earths'.
  • GHG Inventory: Annual calculation of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalent) produced by a business' activities, calculated using standardized accounting principles. 
  • Carbon Neutral: There is a balance between carbon-emitting activities and carbon-absorbing activities. It can be achieved with or without carbon offsets.
  • Carbon Offsetting: Credits to fund a reduction of CO2e, in order to counterbalance emissions emitted by an organization. Each credit is 1 tonne CO2e.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates: Credits to fund the production and distribution of solar, wind, or other green energies into the power grid.
  • Climate Neutral: This is the name of the non-profit organization that has created the Climate Neutral Certified label. When you see the label, you know that a brand has achieved zero net carbon emissions by cleaning up its historical emissions, and is on a journey to limit carbon emissions from its operations.