rainbo is a sustainable medicinal mushroom company offering supplements and foods to elevate body, mind and spirit. we are purveyors of a mushroom lifestyle.


support your body with daily tonics and ingredients that won't spike your cortisol but will energize and help you, from the inside out


many medicinal mushrooms are powerful adaptogens that modulate the immune system and help the body adapt and cope with stress


dual extracted tinctures designed for potency with the highest bioavailability to the body so that you feel it, day after day

For your inner rainbo. Non-psychoactive medicinal mushroom tincture with: reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, turkey tail, shiitake, oyster, royal sun, agarikon, maitake & mesima.

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Canadian Maple Syrup infused with medicinal mushrooms. Forest Juice is the essence of the forest's healing ecology. A natural sweetener for your coffee, matcha, elixirs, waffles and more.

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For every Rainbo product sold, we plant one tree.

Fungi need a healthy home and so do we. We’re working toward global reforestation projects with One Tree Planted.