rainbo is a functional mushroom company. we're on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi! we believe that our partnership with fungi is vital to the long term health and harmony of people and planet.

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Cultivated in Canada
Sustainably grown
Upcycled ingredients
Fruiting body mushroom
Dual extracted
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bemushroomed reviews

The best!

"I have been taking the 11:11 tincture daily for close to a year. I have found it to be extremely supportive for my immunity, fluctuations in my mood due to ADHD, and has seemingly been helping lessen my hormonal breakouts. I love this tincture!"

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Brain boost blast

"I deal with a whole lotta brain fog on a regular basis and since I started taking 11:11 + Lions Mane twice a day I've seen a HUGE improvement. Like better focus, mood, energy that sustains throughout the day instead of spiking and crashing. These are the supplements I never knew I needed !!"

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Changed my mornings!

"I’m really loving Reishi! Mornings have always been a point of anxiety for me, and ever since I started putting it in my coffee, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stress level, mood, and anxiety. I’m so grateful for it. Thank you Rainbo! <3"

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Energy boost

"I use this throughout the day when I feel my energy levels starting to decline and it truly works for me! I like the way it tastes in my matcha lattes or alone under the tongue. I feel like dancing within no time. Essential!"

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Better than a multivitamin

"After taking 11:11 for a month, I noticed a distinct improvement in my immunity and concentration. I would definitely recommend taking this like a daily multivitamin!"

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rainbo mushrooms white bottle of lion's mane mushroom tincture
I feel so much sharper

"I started taking Rainbo's Lion’s Mane after lunch and noticed that the second part of my day has become so much more productive. My focus, energy, stamina and even creativity in my work have all improved markedly."

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committed to people and planet

We donate 1% of every purchase to a nonprofit of your choice.

Mushrooms are environmental guardians. As a business, we revere fungi for their ability to thrive and exist while in collaboration and support of other species. Sharing resources, giving, growing together and supporting people and planet is how we operate Rainbo as a holistic ecosystem. Check out the impact the Rainbo community is making here. More about our sustainability efforts here.