Quantum Healing and Transforming the Constructs of Good and Evil from Duality into Unity with Sheetal Rajan
Ep 17

Quantum Healing and Transforming the Constructs of Good and Evil from Duality into Unity with Sheetal Rajan

Quantum Healing and Transforming the Constructs of Good and Evil from Duality into Unity with Sheetal Rajan


Show Notes:

I’m joined by Sheetal Rajan, Sacred Geometry Philosopher, Corporate Keynote Speaker, Quantum Healer, Theta Practitioner, and Reiki Master. On top of all that, Sheetal is an incredibly gifted Transformation Coach and I am lucky enough to work with her. In our conversation, Sheetal shares her wisdom on the Sacred Geometry Quantum Experience and its connection to human consciousness.

Sheetal’s work focuses on how to apply Sacred Geometry and Quantum Healing to your own life. In this episode, she unpacks the three basic principles with which she teaches: Watch your words, mind your thoughts, and think before you act.

This conversation highlights how we all get lost in pockets of our life, so it is important to take pause and remind ourselves we’re doing this because we want to, not because we have to. Without ever experiencing darkness, nobody would appreciate the light, and we unpack this through a conversation on the difference between doing and being.

Listen to hear how Sheetal’s work can be adopted by others, and how it brings abundance into their lives. At the end of the day, as Sheetal says, “You are your own guru, you are your own teacher, you are your own guide, mother, father… You. It's all you. All I can do is remind you.”

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Topics Covered:

  • The three basic principles of Sacred Geometry
  • Taking responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, and words
  • Plugging back into your authentic energy
  • Why inner work can often feel like a struggle that takes subconscious reprogramming to practice
  • Making sense of jealousy and greed
  • How changing the trajectory of your own existence will also change that of those around you

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Show Notes

Tonya Papanikolov  00:04

Hi, welcome to the Rainbo podcast. I'm your host, Tonya Papanikolov. Rainbo and I are on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi and expand the collective conscious. This podcast builds a virtual mycelial network of bold, open minded thinkers and seekers. I chat with experts, thought leaders, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, activists, and dreamers. These are stories of healing, human potential and expansion, tune in route and expand and journey with us. Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode.


Tonya Papanikolov  00:47

Today I'm joined by Sheetal Rajan, who is a international transformation coach, sacred geometry philosopher and an ascension coach. And she works all over the world. Host retreats has a one on one client practice of which I'm so lucky to have access to sheetala and have worked with her for just about a year now. And so along with being a certified quantum healer, and a theta practitioner, she's also a Reiki Master, and just has this captivating, amazing personality. And she does research into sacred geometry and its connection to human consciousness, and helps activate seekers in raising their vibration and unlocking abundance in their lives.


Tonya Papanikolov  01:35

And for well over a decade, she's traveled both physically and intellectually expanding her knowledge into areas of quantum science, metaphysics, energy healing, manifestation laws, mindfulness, breath work. And this all started in Nepal, in the mountains of Nepal, many, many years ago, when very unexpectedly, she had an out of body experience, and found herself aligning with the universal energy matrix and downloading wisdom of sacred geometry before she was in this field. Before she knew what that was. She didn't even know there was a name for it. And that's really what brought her into this field of work. So it was kind of like a altered state that she went into. And I find this so fascinating. She does a lot of really incredible work as a coach. And she guides clients to heal themselves from psychological blocks, illnesses, chronic conditions, and really to help evolve their consciousness.


Tonya Papanikolov  02:37

So in today's conversation, I feel like we went into a little bit of a portal. I mean, we went into a lot of different places. And we covered some really good ground. She tells us a bit about her journey, and what sacred geometry is, we talk about how we met. And we talk about why a lot of her work, where she starts with clients is really healing that inner child, and working with the feelings and healing feelings of guilt and shame, and really empowering her clients to heal themselves through the power of themselves. And so we get into that, we go into all sorts of really cool kind of areas of consciousness and the nature of reality. And I'll let you listen to this conversation on your own and take what you will from it. If you love this podcast, I would so very much appreciate if you rate it us give us five stars, and comment on Spotify or apple that is truly so appreciated and goes a long way. Let's dive into the episode was Sheetal Hello, she Tao


Sheetal Rajan  03:48

must say Namaste, beautiful. So


Tonya Papanikolov  03:51

Namaste. Namaste. This is a true delight to sit with you today in a new, a new kind of format. So thank you for being here. Thank you so much.


Sheetal Rajan  04:05

Oh, thank you. Thank you for having me. And I just, you and me have always had fun having conversation.


Tonya Papanikolov  04:13

Yeah, it'll be fun. It'll be fun.


Sheetal Rajan  04:15

And I think this is this is beautiful. Thank you.


Tonya Papanikolov  04:18

Yes, well, I like to start the episodes with just grounding into what are you grateful for today?


Sheetal Rajan  04:28

I am truly very grateful for trees. I've just come back from a sort of tiny bit of a tour of Lebanon and the Himalayas in India. So two countries, two mountains. And I've just been overloaded with these gorgeous trees. And it never gets old. You stepped onto a tree and it's such a lot of life feeling and humbling. Humbling yet somehow you feel like you belong it's I'm I'm unsure of the feeling when I'm so feeling very grateful for trees. Absolutely.


Tonya Papanikolov  05:04

That brings me to my mother earth meditation. Like that's that that Mother Tree, I really, when you were, you know, describing that that's what that's what I came up with


Sheetal Rajan  05:17

the mother meditation is quite a it is a fairly common meditation but I noticed that as the years are developed, and I would take my clients through sort of each layer of their being right, so the Mother Earth meditation is essentially the third step in the program that clients do with me. And in that mother of meditation initially, I would tell them just go into your mind and find Mother Earth. And it was never planned to arrive at a particular place, see a particular thing and do certain steps to get into the meditation, you won't believe it over. I'm now at something like 550 clients, yes. private coaching the in workshops as well, in fact, and invariably everybody would see a tree. They would I would say, you come upon a clearing, what do you see in the clearing? And they say there's a huge tree in the clearing. And that he just is this massive tree? And then I said I should I should include that within you know, because let's sing it anyway. This must be a universal feeling. So yeah, yeah. Mother Earth meditation with the big tree of life. Absolutely.


Tonya Papanikolov  06:27

Yeah. It's a sight, a beautiful sight. Okay, well, thank you for sharing that. For me. What I'm grateful for today is, you know, I think it's just my immune system. And just thinking about, I was chatting with somebody today who was like, oh, like, I hate being sick. It's the worst and all this stuff. And I was like, You know what, I think every time we get upgraded a little bit and a little bit in a little bit, and the viral intelligence, the bacterial intelligence, the fungal intelligence, there's something that happens, because we've co evolved together. And it makes us stronger.


Sheetal Rajan  07:05

Yep, absolutely. Being grateful for your immunity. I just had a conversation with a client yesterday about how we're usually lost in the aesthetics of shape, size and color of our body. I mean, that's what media has done to us so that we've been brought up right, the fair skinned person wants a tan, and the dark skinned person wants to become fair. That's literally literally the amazing, you know, amazing. It's such a juxtaposition of humanity of each person wanting to be the other. And I was talking about how we've so lost in the aesthetics, we're so lost the shape and the size, the color. When was the last time you were grateful for your kidney for just functioning properly? Every day day in day out without asking you anything without questioning anything? Just functions? When was the last time you said oh, I have a really pretty kidney


Tonya Papanikolov  08:04

should be more or should be more. Yeah, should know.


Sheetal Rajan  08:08

And similarly immunity as well. I mean, illnesses come and go and look at us thriving. It's crazy, isn't it? It's that age old saying you don't know what you've got it. It's gone. And I'm I have been making a conscious effort. Myself as well as with my clients to break free of that. Waiting till it's gone. But already be grateful for it. So it never goes away. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and I think that's, that's very important.


Tonya Papanikolov  08:37

Such a it's such a practice. It's such a practice every day as a human is a big ol practice.


Sheetal Rajan  08:48

Every day as a human


Tonya Papanikolov  08:52

you know, you touched on the Himalayas. First of all, I want to say that it's about the Full Moon is about to like, be passing into its full moon momentarily. So that's pretty, pretty cool. I think it's at Um, let me just double check. 934 So in 19 minutes. So anyways,


Sheetal Rajan  09:11

to anyone listening to this across timelines and lifelines under this full moon, tiny enemy manifest, that all your wishes and manifestations are realized by your highest and best.


Tonya Papanikolov  09:25

That's how it is. So this


Sheetal Rajan  09:29

we'll do one we'll do one when the moon comes out.


Tonya Papanikolov  09:31

Thank you. I love that. Yeah, we will. I love that. So I want to go to the Himalayas. With you. I want you to take us there. I want you to tell us about what you saw, and what you learned. And I know that you describe it as as natural as breathing yet as overwhelming as an avalanche. But before we go there, I just want to just introduce the audience to you in general. You are my coach. You are an incredibly gifted human being a transformation coach, actually I just the card I pulled before this, this recording with you as transformation. You are a vessel of sacred geometry embodied. And you do so much. So how would you Yeah, how would you describe yourself these days?


Sheetal Rajan  10:29

Are that's that's, you know, that's actually an interesting thing that you this this question should come up now, although, although it is expected as part of the introductions, but I first started all of this work in 2006 2007. And in about 17 years, Jesus years of doing this work, and initially when I started there was this idea that I wanted to save everybody. Yes. So it has a lot to do with the traumas that I myself experienced. So when you yourself are not saved by someone, you want to become the Savior? Yes. So textbook savior complex. And then, you know, we enter the, you know, 2000 10s, and I begin to realize our rights, that's not how it works, you don't save people, you know, they save themselves. Yeah. And from that point in became about gathering data. So I'm constantly in this journey of combining science and spirituality. So if there's a spiritual principle, you'll see me digging up into researchers and white papers, and anything that Dr. Joe Dispenza has done, or anything that Gregg Braden is going, Oh, look at this, this matches, and you know, and then put that into some sort of a presentation, some sort of a visual data for my clients so that they can understand that it works.


Sheetal Rajan  11:44

So it went from, I will hold space for everybody, I will save everybody, to everyone needs to save themselves, the journey is individual. Yes. And I'm just going to provide the data. So I collected a lot of data, I have 10 years worth of research, which is still to go into a book. And from that point in the early or late, you know, well, starting 2018, really, I then began to realize that it is neither by forcing a savior complex onto somebody, nor by constantly trying to prove a point that you will help people that the only way transformation is possible, is if you yourself, continue to just transform yourself. So since 2018 2019, all I've been doing is working on myself, working on myself making myself the greatest case study in my life, you know, so any principle, any new module, any new tool that comes along, I apply it to myself. And what I teach is sacred geometry, Quantum Experience. Yes, it started off by being called sacred geometry, quantum healing. But healing is such a small part of the entire experience. You see, with learning sacred geometry, Quantum Experience and explaining it to everybody and embodying it in what I do. People can automatically see how abundance comes into my life. And when they see it, that inspires them. And I'm able to, through many years of practice, and you know, working on that little muscle that is my psychic ability, yes, working on that. All of us have it right. And working on that I'm able to do some readings for people and say, Hey, looks like you're headed this way. Is that where you want to go? Not necessarily saying you must not go there. But asking simply is that where you want to go? Because at the end of the day, you are your own guru. You are your own teacher, you are your own guide mother, father, you you it's all you. All I can do is remind you the transformation coach, I guaranteed results. I love doing that, you know, I guarantee it, you know, and not the American guarantee. It's a proper guarantee, you know, it's a absolutely let you know that you're going to face this avalanche of amazing energy coming your way.


Sheetal Rajan  14:11

And you're going to see how magical the world around you becomes. As long as you commit to show up for yourself. Yeah, I have clients who have shown up for themselves. And pure magic has happened. where certain amounts of money was lost that money showed up. No idea how everybody's surprised. where doctors gave one of my clients two years to live. She's now she now it's been five years she's alive. Her gray hair has gone black. And she's joined politics. I don't know if I did it amazing. It's amazing. I mean the transformation that you can bring into your life by simply applying the basic principles of sacred geometry quantum healing. As the basic principles, and the basic principles are really this, it's what your words, mind your thoughts. Yes. And think before you leave, think before you act. Yes. That simple, simplified version applied to everything in your life. That's it. That's the


Tonya Papanikolov  15:18

work I do. Yeah. It's introducing a whole lot of self awareness for people, right? You also have the vibe piece. Right? Mind? Yes, yes.


Sheetal Rajan  15:29

So I work on these three factors, right. So when it really began within today, today, you have a lot of coaches that follow that format. But initially, when I started, you either had therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists and psychotherapists, who worked on your mind specifically, right? So it's sort of talk therapy. Then you had the spiritual world far removed from psychology, which would be like, Okay, do a sound healing, do a yoga, do a little bit of a shamanic breathwork, but a separate part of it, or Theta Healing would fall under it? Or you have all kinds of modules that fall under it, right? And then you had reality, you had coaches that are sports coaches, business coaches, who actually organize the realistic aspects of yourself? Yes. So what I said is, what's the point of working on your mind, but you don't go dig deeper and work on limiting beliefs in your vibe, right? And you don't go in your reality actually apply any of these changes? What's the point?


Sheetal Rajan  16:25

So I started working on this format that has the mind vibe and reality. In your mind, you shift your perception attitude, with each time that we have a discussion, I call it quantum contemplation. Yes. contemplation is the same as in Buddhism, there is thought experiments. It's where as you move through life, you allow yourself to connect with your subtle energies and have have a sort of conversation with yourself about am I heading in the right direction here? Why do I want to be feeling like this? And is this emotion true? Or do I want to be feeling a certain way? So you contemplate Alright, so that's the mind side of things. On the vibe side of things, you work with your coach with your healer, and you work on your limiting beliefs, and you work on your traumas. And then you finally have the reality where you take whatever you learn in your mind and vibe, and you apply it realistically in your life with tiny little goals. The tiny little goals could be something as simple as listen for the next 30 days, I want you to reorganize all your cupboards.


Tonya Papanikolov  17:28

Yeah, I've done it, I've done it, you got me there. And I was like, I'm already moving like I've decluttered everything.


Sheetal Rajan  17:38

Absolutely. And the difference has shown, the difference has shown taking you as an example, if you don't mind, when we initially started with you and the decluttering had to happen, and you were already moving at that point. The next few sessions that I sat down with you, there was more clarity of mind. There was more at the end of the day, these physical objects and digital objects in your digital. These objects are crowding your energy field. So step number one has to be to get rid of the clutter. And once that happens is like a breathing space. It's exactly the same feeling when I on a weekend when you decide I'm just gonna clean the house, and you clean the house. And when you sit down that, you know, cup of tea at the end of the day, like my place. This feeling of peace and calmness, and then you don't want anybody to touch.


Tonya Papanikolov  18:31

Yeah, it's so funny yesterday before in the morning was I got up pretty early. And before I even meditated. I was in the fridge with a spray bottle, like fully cleaning the fridge. And I stopped myself I was like, What are you doing? I cleaned it, I clean it, it felt so good. I needed to do it. And then I was like, go sit down and


Sheetal Rajan  18:54

bill. But it's absolutely true. When you do something like this, what you're essentially doing is you're taking responsibility for your own energy. You're saying that it is not up to someone else to create space and clarity in my life. It's up to me to do that. Now there are some people who do it through cleansing their space or clutter clearing. Then you might have some somebody who I know a few clients who've done this who say all I need is to get up and go for a walk. So anytime they were faced with adversity, our anxiety, they would just go Sorry, one moment, I'm just gonna come back and they will just go take a quick run around the building, and then come back and now clear their mind or just a quick walk. You see, the negative way of doing it is to smoke a cigarette. But that the intention there is to shut down the brain brain firm. Yeah, right and Enter. And you can do that with a walk. You can do that by clearing something out. You can do that by playing a song you can do that by her doing a quick meditation and saying a few affirmations there are so many ways to plugged back into your authentic energy. So that the next step you take is the step that really needs to be taken, rather than something that's happening. Well, that happened. I'm just going to go ahead with the next step, you see what I'm saying. So there's awareness, the self governance, the self discipline, discipline, self belief, the self love the self care, it's all towards the self.


Sheetal Rajan  20:28

And once you organize the self, your vibration, and when you organize your thoughts, your words, your beliefs, your intentions, everything that you are produces vibration, you are pure energy. Yes. So this vibration that is produced is so symmetrical, so beautiful, it creates a harmonic resonance, and actually starts to reorganize everything around you. And when it reorganizes, everything around you everything that was earlier negative or unfavorable, suddenly becomes favorable and magically so and then the same vibration that you are projecting into the universe creates something called a harmonic resonance, and pulls towards you the frequency at which you are vibrating. So if you vibrate at the frequency of joy and laughter, invariably, you will see a friend calls you up, an old friend calls you up, or you end up meeting somebody with whom you end up having a lot of it. And it's so clear, it's not something that you need to get initiated for. And I know that we come from that world we are coming from the world were starting from a Reiki which is the UI system of healing the Japanese system of healing, starting from Reiki all the way to the bigger data healing, psyche, all of these, I understand that there is this culture of initiation that we like to do, isn't it? Where we light incense, and we ritualize the entire thing. While I'm very happy to be doing that, and I do practice that as well, because it makes you feel good. You know, the incense the smell of Palo Santo is it's very nice to have that right. Beautiful, but I promise you the only tool that you need is not an whether it is crystals, incense. What else? Musical instruments, all kinds of things, right? Yeah, in wands, grids, all of these talismans, all kinds of Talisman isn't there a bracelet you wear the necklace you wear?


Sheetal Rajan  22:29

I'm very happy for everybody to be doing that. It's great. It makes us all look fantastic. And it also creates a sense of culture. You know, when you see somebody else wearing a crystal necklace, you're just like, Yeah, my boy. Yeah, yeah. You know, there's that connection. But I promise you, after 17 years of doing this work, I can tell you that the only tool you need and the most powerful tool you do have is your heart.


Tonya Papanikolov  22:57

The question about that, then is this idea that you spoke to about harmonic resonance, and we can get tuned into each other's resonance, nature, joy, these emotions that we can elicit from ourselves? Is it then can you just maybe speak to like this base root of maybe the subconscious mind? And its power? Because why then can we not just sit in front of the enlightened master, the teacher, the sage, the guru, whatever, and just have that change be instantaneous, because of that resinous? versus what's really running this show? And why does it take so much courage and subconscious reprogramming and the beliefs and all this stuff?


Sheetal Rajan  23:44

Absolutely. So this goes into the story of you. Okay. There's this idea that when a new baby is born, that baby is a fresh Canvas, you know, it's a clean canvas. That is the greatest lie in the whole world, that baby's not clean canvas. That baby is the product of inheritance of 1000s of years of genetic information. That baby is born, holding all of the genetic traumas and genetic blessings of his or her ancestors is in this tomb. So maybe not unlocked yet. Maybe not invoked yet. But it's there. It's in the DNA. It's a sleeping dragon in the DNA. Yes. That's that's that the genetic part of it. Then there's the historic part of it. The lands not land, but the lands from which the baby comes today. We don't have people who come from one part of the land we have people whose ancestry goes across Europe and goes across Asia, isn't it? So you have historic codes that are locked into that baby, right now? Genetic Code, we talked about limiting beliefs or the traumas that our ancestors had if there was an ancestor who went to war and lost their family in that war. The sadness of that loss is still within within the DNA, isn't it?


Sheetal Rajan  25:05

In the historic level, you're talking about the land that you came from, whether the land that had a lot of calamities? Was it an abandoned land, the people who lived on that historic land, feel a sense of belonging, or were they always in a space of battle, that's also coded into you, right? That's two things, then comes the soul level. Now, we all understand now that we are pure energy today, you know, there was a time about 17 years ago, where I had to struggle to explain to people that would means that we are pure energy. Science has now proven that at a quantum level, we are empty space, that we are pure vibration and frequency, right. So as vibrational frequency, since energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred or transmuted. That means at some point, you were a mango tree.


Sheetal Rajan  25:56

At some point, you were a little lion cub, somewhere in the Sahara. Somewhere along the line, you were also a beautiful baleen whale in the ocean. Somewhere along the line, you must have been an asteroid somewhere, somewhere along the line, you must have been part of another planet, billions of years of soul information is also coded into this brand new fresh out of the mother's womb, baby, isn't it? Now, here's everything that you're born with all of these limitations, then you begin to grow up age zero till you're seven then seven to 14 is always, you know, the the loop of sevens. And you begin to have core beliefs. core beliefs are the things that you gather within this life. Oh, my mom and dad are always helping other people. Right? So it's nice to be kind, right? You tend to learn these things. That guy, he's always angry, but because he's angry, he always gets what he wants, maybe I should be angry, you tend to as a little child, you're constantly recording everything in your environment. You see, it's very monkey see, monkey do. So here is now a child and or human being who is reached the age of 28. Okay, and 28 Usually, by the way, all of my clients are coming to me between the age of 28 and 32. That's the I call it the it's not a very nice thing to call it, but I call it the WHAT THE FUCK moment of your life. You know, it's the WTF moment of your life where they go, what have I been doing? You know, and it's, it's amazing. It's on point, always, it's, I love it.


Sheetal Rajan  27:40

Because when they come to me, they're just like, I thought I had it sorted. But I feel like I'm nowhere. So at this point, when they come to me, and I'm going to go back to what we talked about earlier, where I'm merely working on my vibrations and my energy, creating and holding space for people so that they can be in that space, and begin to understand the principles through me projecting it towards them. But as I'm projecting abundance towards you, Joy towards you, and I am, I'm a chronically positive person, it's a problem sometimes. You know, I'm just like, I'm just so happy. There's somebody sitting in front of me, with billions of years of information, that is historic soul level, genetic, off, which one of them might be, I am never allowed to be joyful, could be somebody, an ancestor, who took an oath or who took a vow and said, happiness is not part of who we are, as a land that has had war all the time. I can sit here be the greatest guru in the whole world, and project so much love and to that person. But if that person does not have that will within them to change, if they choose, I always say this, right? You are the product of your inheritance, the product of your inheritance is all of these codes that you've downloaded. But what we tend to forget is that we are also the master of our destiny. So the daily decision, and this goes back to what you said as humans the human experience of on daily basis. The daily experience is to choose between the being the product of your inheritance, or the master of your destiny.


Sheetal Rajan  29:29

So in that moment, when you are sitting in that room of positive people who are spreading abundance and singing and feeling joyful, you are a product of your inheritance where you say, but just joyfulness doesn't suit me joyfulness is not who I am abundance, maybe abundance is meant for others. But remember, that's where the principles come in, where the information comes in, where the data that I collected and the research that I collect for people come in and I say, but you have willpower. You have this one. Something called will. And you can wiggle your way into anything and become the master of your destiny. Right? That's what it comes down. And going back to what you had asked specifically, why can't we just sit in front of a temple or a guru or, you know, and there are some fantastic gurus who are amazing people who I can sit in front of, and I just, I just feel like I've melted and become part of them. They are just so joyful in the way that they speak, that suddenly I feel healed merely by being in their presence, you see, but you did ask, Why does it feel like a struggle? Right? Why does it have to be like, Oh my god, I gotta get up again and do my meditation about things, right? I'd like to give the answer to this in a very, very simple way. Right? If you went to the gym in January, for one month, and then didn't go to the gym, I November can you expect a hot Beachbody? Absolutely not. 


Sheetal Rajan  31:06

Now, everything is a matter of consistency. Everything is a matter of light and dark life and death, truth and untruth. Right, everything is the ebb and flow of energy. The unfortunate problem is that it's not necessarily a problem. I believe during those eras and ages of our existence in the human civilization, these things were required, but religion came and said, laziness and you know, the seven sins, they're all bad. Gluttony is bad. Doubt is bad. Pride is bad, you know, that's evil. That's Satan, right? And we gave all negative emotions, a bad reputation. So the slightest inconvenience, and we're just like, Oh, my God, my life. I can't handle this anymore. Because that inconvenience basically takes over our entire system. Again, but if you were to go back into the information, the universal laws that tell us about polarity about cause and effect about the ebb and flow of the universe, you will realize that these negative emotions, these negative moments and situations in our life, they are oh my goodness, they are our best friends. So you will see me when something really bad happens in my life I go, or something greatest coming, I'm trying I am I am shattered. You know, I'm upset. But I'm just like, No, something great is coming. Some big bloody lesson is coming out of this, you know? That your it changes every? Yeah, that's so


Tonya Papanikolov  32:49

good and poignant. And I love that you just explained that like that. Thank you. So case, just on that polarity point. How do you really interpret I feel like there is such a dialogue right now around less so about the self and the emotions of like, dealing with jealousy and and greed and whatever the those natural human emotions that are going to come up and that we can learn so much through but I think people right now are in this conversation about good and evil on the planet and these forces. And it's so clear, some of them are far out conspiracies, some of them are plain as daylight. And so what do you think about it? How do you how do you make sense


Sheetal Rajan  33:39

of that? Does your podcast have one of those bells? That goes unpopular opinion? You


Tonya Papanikolov  33:46

know what, I think we might get one?


Sheetal Rajan  33:49

Doesn't this doesn't go down well with most spaces, but I'm always torn at this question. You see,


Tonya Papanikolov  33:55

you are? Yes, it's like same. I've been talking like yes, anyways,


Sheetal Rajan  34:00

yeah, I'm torn at this question, because the answer is so obvious, but it immediately draws even the most spiritual people person I know, into cognitive dissonance. You see, this construct of evil and good in the world, the Republican and Democrat, the white and the black, or in whatever metaphorical form you want to take it, or this religion and that religion, or this political belief and that political belief, right? All of these are merely the game because it is only by creating duality that we can work towards oneness. Unity comes when there is duality. Duality is merely the game. Reality.


Tonya Papanikolov  34:50

It's like creating the enemy so that you can,


Sheetal Rajan  34:54

you can learn from it so that you can you know, transmute it. You see it anything negative that is happening in the world, including the deaths of our brothers and sisters, including calamities, that countries are going to take hundreds of years to come back from, right? All of those are created by the consciousness that is Earth. Remember that you and me are also the earth, we're not separate. Must not ever give ourselves that much importance, right? That's the earth, experiencing itself and learning from itself.


Sheetal Rajan  35:29

So when you have something so catastrophes like a bombing happening somewhere or depths of innocent people happening somewhere, that duality that that negativity that evilness is a construct that has occurred, so that everyone else can join together and learn to unite. One of the greatest examples of that unity as much as people love to only talk about the conspiracies of the Coronavirus. Yes. I remember when the law first lockdown was announced. And I tell you, I don't know how but maybe from all of the work that I've done. Over the years, my eyes now has begun to land on the positive first. Okay, so sue me. As soon as the pandemic hit and the lockdown happened, the entire governments of the world, even the ones that were enemies with each other, came together brought all the researchers together worked on a solution together, the solution that they thought was best I mean, yes, the Titanic was built by amateurs, right? We did what we could, you know, but there were no borders. In those first six months, every government through the who was sharing information, the best that they could find is if we think this works, we think this works, we think maybe you should do this. There were doctors and researchers from China being shipped out to the different countries because China had faced it head on first, you see, who created the pandemic now set aside the set aside the conspiracy theories of it being, you know, created in a lab, and let's go with it, let's go with it being created in a lab to bring down humanity. The person who did it is also part of the person is not separated from her.


Sheetal Rajan  37:31

So it's the consciousness that is mother Gaia, you know, puts this little seed in someone's mind that says, okay, create this virus, and then that spreads, and then creates, you know, this complete pandemic that creates absolute chaos. But within that chaos comes out order in the form of every country helping each other. Somewhere along the line, we began realizing truths, like, spending time with family is a good thing. We don't need to be working eight to nine hours per day. Right? Things don't have to be so expensive and political. haven't fully realized all of these things recently. No one ever wants to see those changes, but this duality that you're talking about this good and evil, that is no I kind of go to a story told in the Hindu Vedas, right, the old texts, Burma. Hamsa is the Almighty, the supreme consciousness Paramahansa turns the man and says a mortal. Why do you take so seriously that which I made for fun? Life is like a game of chess.


Sheetal Rajan  38:45

And I don't want you to get lost in the ponds don't get lost the pieces just flow through the game. But all of us are so busy getting lost in the pieces. You see. So illusion that has been created this holographic illusion of the beautiful home that you're sitting in, of the space that I'm sitting in. This is all a beautiful holographic illusion created by the vibrational frequency that you and me are the collective consciousness of the human experience. We have created this reality for ourselves. But when Oh, when are we going to realize that this duality that we create that you are sitting in a separate space from me? When are we going to realize that that duality is merely a construct to help us learn? But in actuality we are all just one. So when a tree burns down in a forest in Turkey, part of me burns down. You see, when a new baby is born somewhere in Japan, I'm born a new that is the world I live in. So recently when that massive earthquake It happened in Turkey. I remember I, of course, as always, we all send money, we do what we can in 3d reality. But I sat down went into the quantum space for all of us, I want connected to the 40 to 60,000 souls that perished in that earthquake. And we all held hands. And I said to all of them, it's safe, it's okay, you're all your family is fine, you're safe, you're fine. You are loved. Your daughters are fine, your sons are fine. Your parents are fine, your brothers and sisters are fine. Gone, because I don't see a difference between me and them. 40 to 60,000 people died within me as that happened. And when you begin to live like that, it's fascinating. That duality of good and evil when we get lost in it, you'll notice conspiracy theories start to arise. You're constantly living in fear, you think the government's out to get you? Everything feels like an affront. Right. But when you realize it, when you kind of pick yourself up from that place, go a little higher and look at it from a bird's eye view. And you see the yin and the yang, the duality just kind of playing its game, and you're just standing above it going. Okay. Not just, we must not participate in what we believe in. Sure.


Tonya Papanikolov  41:29

Because, because that's kind of like the realm of apathy. Right?


Sheetal Rajan  41:35

Absolutely. Then line, then like, right, there's very famous line. Now I forget who it was by a famous line that says, You are complicit with the people who are bringing down the world if you don't have an opinion. So by not supporting one side or the other side, you're actually supporting the bad side. This is this is saying, I think it is, like it's a Spanish thing, if I'm not mistaken. And it's really interesting, because that is also the Christian guilt that is fed into us, like you have to decide, you see. And there's an activist who gets in, organizes protests, goes out for the protest, sometimes, you know, gets what she wants, sometimes doesn't get what she wants. But there is a drive within that person. There's a drive within that person that they want to affect change in that 3d environment. I congratulate them on that. I say, hey, go for it. Good for you. 


Sheetal Rajan  42:34

There's another person who is a 75 year old woman living in a village somewhere in the south of India. She lives by the beach, there are all these coconut trees around her house. She lives happily in that space. She has no idea who the Prime Minister of India is. She has no clue. She doesn't care. Because all she wants to do is feed her community and help her clean the temple once in a while, you know, and she loves to dance. She's 75 years old, but she loves to dance. I actually know a woman like this. This is why I'm saying this story. For you sit down and ask her. What do you think about the pandemic? And what do you think about the governmental issues and the currencies that are now moving away from the dollar and she'd like, have coconuts I had some plants growing in my garden. I'm happy. And the ocean is so beautiful, the fishermen come out of the ocean, and usually end up giving me some fish because I give them she makes juices for them. You know, because they've just come out of the ocean. So she gives them some refreshments. And they give her fish. So she eats fish. She eats vegetables from her garden. She's got clean water coming out of a well, how is she complicit with the bad guys? Yeah.


Sheetal Rajan  43:49

So the unpopular opinion, that which we call good and evil are merely constructs of duality, that are trying to help us reach higher states of ascension. It is up to us to understand that these are merely lessons that these are constructs with which we can learn to move from Duality to Unity. Yes, but do we need to have an opinion on the duality not necessarily. Somewhere deep inside, like you want to, by all means go for it. But you don't have to do anything. They might my company is called the sacred being. I always say this, you know, I say it's called a sacred being. It's not called the sacred doing. All that the universe expects of you is just to be be the most authentic self that you are. And if that means that you want to be an extremist, maybe that's your calling. Maybe you want to be like Tonya and Sheetal and be chronically positive or that's your calling, you know, so don't necessarily have to get lost in the duality. Because at the end, we're all just one.


Tonya Papanikolov  45:04

Yeah. When you when you said that it also kind of made me think about this polarity the constructs I guess exist in each of us. And for those people who we may find easy to judge, because it's so far beyond our scope of imagination or possibility for what we've come here incarnated here to do before them based on their history, their genetic codes, their learnings, their beliefs, their some everything, that there may not even be a right or wrong for them. That's just what they know. That's just what is.


Sheetal Rajan  45:41

Absolutely, absolutely. I always say to people the belief that you have and allow me to give a rather extreme example for this, forgive me guys. Tonya comes up to me and goes Sheetal, I'm so angry at this person, I think I'm going to kill them. And I go, What do you think I'm gonna say? I'm gonna say, Tonya, my baby, do you really have to kill them? You know, you're gonna go to jail. And then as a human, I don't think orange suits you very well. And then these are things I'm going to tell you because I'm in 3d with you, I'm gonna go really kill this person. And then you say no, but I just, I know that the only way is to kill this person. And then I'm going to say, What about your family? What about your husband? What about your? What about all of these different things? What about this beautiful company called  that you have open? And you are, you know, healing the world with the energy of that brand, right? And you kind of give it a thought and you go, No, I need to kill this person. And you're in your eyes in that moment. And I say to you, you know what done. Just wait 24 hours, I want you to think about it for 24 hours, come back.


Sheetal Rajan  46:53

And if you want to do something, we'll do something, you come back in 24 hours, and you have an even bigger result that you want to kill this person. At that point, I'm gonna say, All right, go for it. Because sometimes, all the permutation combination of the different beliefs, the different beliefs, the different traumas, the different opinions, the different data information that we have coded within our DNA, the combination permutation combination of all of those calculations end up in that one strong result. And we have no idea why we're there. But here we are. No idea why we're there. But you see, and so that, again, goes back to what I said about being the product of your inheritance, or being the master of your destiny, of reaching that point where you take the gun and you hold it against that person's head. And in that moment on your goes, nope, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to lower myself and destroy my life. You see, that's when you become the master of your destiny. Every moment in our life, we have the power within us to change the trajectory of our existence. Yeah, I just got a single moment.


Tonya Papanikolov  48:12

And it can be it can be so small, right? Like, it's not killing. It's just every every decision every moment,


Sheetal Rajan  48:20

every decision every moment, starting with something as simple as that I and I, this is this is a little pet peeve that I have. I don't like gossiping. I just feel like it's such a waste of time, you know. But although I understand the gossiping can be quite harmless, essentially, because it's such a fun social thing to do. Do you know what Tonya was wearing for that event that we went to?


Tonya Papanikolov  48:50

It's actually like, people do that?


Sheetal Rajan  48:52

They do. And it's and I guess in a way, it's harmless in a way it's, but I tell you from based on the principles, the laws of the universe, it is harmful for you. lowers your vibration for sure. Right, yeah. Whenever somebody begins to talk about somebody who's not in the room, you'll immediately see me go not doing that. And in that moment, what I'm doing is I'm not just changing the trajectory of my own existence, but that of my friends as well. I'm saying to them, Hey, maybe we can talk about, I don't know, the 1850 new species that have been discovered this year. You know, maybe we could talk about how, you know, things are getting the world. You know, the weather's so nice, we can talk about all of these things, but in that moment, each moment when you do this, and this can make you What do we call this a warning to everybody who wants to practice you know, being perpetually positive, right? Yes, that is that perpetually positive does not mean that you never work on the negative.


Sheetal Rajan  49:54

Everything that you feel negatively everything that you feel in an from an emotional state of state of negativity or negative situations, yes, you must deal with it, but you deal with it in an environment that is conducive to dealing with negativity. And that's usually in front of your coach. So if you're pissed off at somebody, and it's really been bugging you, the place to work on that is not out of the public and open with other people gossiping about it. No, the place to work on it is with your guru, coach, healer, whoever your point of healing is, or through your practice of quantum contemplation, if you're somebody who advanced in this part, you see, that's one side of it. So the negative part of it is that, but other than having to deal with it and transmute it, to dig deep and transmute that trauma, or that negativity into the lesson that it is bringing, all other times I believe our mandate is to spread joy is to create opportunities for everybody to, I don't know, smile and be better versions of themselves. And that's all I want. Whenever and then believe me, me, especially and I know, Tonya you resonate with this, as well as people who are, you know, perpetually positive, who like to see the positive side of things. Because we are so heightened in our effort to stay positive. The negatives are quite chaotic. They're quite intense. And they're quite Lord of the Rings, drama level stuff. Yeah, fighting deal, Orcs, and you know, all of the hands, it's


Tonya Papanikolov  51:36

nighttime, like monsters for me,


Sheetal Rajan  51:40

you know, and we go deep in and we dig, and all I do, and all people like us do ILAs, like us do is that we hold space for you and give you tools to be able to navigate through that negativity, to not end up in the same hole as blaming someone else. But to realize that everything that is around in our world is a direct projection of what we're feeling on the inside. And as long as people are willing to do the work, I initially have clients who come in the first five sessions is like, how is it possible that the fact that my husband is a horrible person is my fault. And I say because at some level at some genetic or historic or at some level, you have a limiting belief that led to you attracting this type of a person into your life, because you need to transmute this trauma into something better. It takes a lot of time for people to swallow that because we live in a world where we're used to the blame culture, the blame game, the reason that the streets of my community are dirty is because the government has not cleaned it. Yeah. Right. The reason my salary is not good is because my company does not appreciate me. And I know that as I'm saying this people who are going to hear this, I'm going to flee triggered.


Sheetal Rajan  53:03

Because how could it possibly be my fault that my company is not giving me money. But keep this as a simple, straight example. It's usually because you are not doing what needs to be done to be invisible, to break out of your comfort zone and do more. And to demand what you deserve. Because somewhere you have a limiting belief that you're not good enough. And that, that, so takes that time to kind of shift from a space where you live from outside in, to move into that beautiful space where you live inside. Because as long as I work on myself, Baba Ramdas talks about this, he has this one very famous quote that says all I can do for you is work on myself. And all you can do for me is work on yourself.


Tonya Papanikolov  53:57

That's what it's about. Yeah. Listen to you all day. She Ah, that's so it's so profound and, and beautiful. I've had shivers just almost this whole time that you've been talking. I did want to, you know, have a chat with you about shame and guilt. Yeah, just we spent a lot of time on that in when we first started to work together. And I found it so interesting, because I know those words, but I've really hadn't explored them before, like for me, and really unpacked their meaning. And just like the relationship I had with them, so why do we start there? Why don't you start there? What is bass about that those like, you know, energy,


Sheetal Rajan  54:52

so all of these, all of these negative constructs that belong to the same, the second side of the same coin, isn't it? So You have the structure of negative emotions that spiral downwards, and you have positive emotions that spiral upwards. Yes, the positive emotions that spiral upwards move you into higher vibration moves you into a space where your geometry the vibration that you produce has certain sacred geometry, that geometry is symmetrical. And the negative vibrations, the negative emotions, they break apart the geometry, right? The age old belief starting from religion, but further back as well is that these negative emotions are evil. They're bad. You should never feel these things. If you ever feel these, that means you're a horrible person enter. Yeah, yeah. You know, but if you feel positive emotions, that it is literally called Christ consciousness. Right? Christ consciousness is all love and light and gratitude and forgiveness, kindness, honesty, and creativity and joy and all of these beautiful emotions. But evil or sin is the seven sins, pride, jealousy, guilt, shame, resentment. And the further down it goes, the deeper the lower the vibration, and the more you get disconnected from the geometry of the oneness, okay.


Sheetal Rajan  56:11

So when we talk about guilt and shame, what's really interesting is that and, and these, what I talked about in terms of the positive vibrations and the negative vibrations, they are two sides of the same coin. So anybody who ever feels jealousy, for example, okay? The reason you feel jealous because you're unfulfilled in some part of your life. So what is the other side of that coin when you move when you catapult from jealousy to the positive vibrations, its fulfillment. So as soon as you feel jealous, the question is, what is this trying to teach me? It's trying to teach you to find fulfillment in your life. Yes, now we go to guilt and shame. When you begin to experience guilt and shame in your life. Now, this could be connected abuses that you've been through, it could be just connected to and you know, you know, what's bizarre guilt and shame is so ingrained into our culture, that it's even if you've never been through any abuse, and you've had the most safest childhood, guilt and shame as a standard in all of us, and I'll tell you why. The pelvic bone, the Latin for pelvic bone, and also the German word for pelvic bone is Sham been by pronunciations. It literally means shame, bone. Wow. 


Sheetal Rajan  57:32

So when medicine was written, they named the pelvic bone, the shame bone, that 1000s of years of collective consciousness believe that this is the bone of shame. So you could have the nicest life ever, but there's still going to be some sense of shame that goes into that space. You see, however, now come back to that structure where you have negative spiral downwards and positive spiral upwards. When you are experiencing guilt and shame, if you ask the question, what is this trying to teach me? It's trying to teach me self worth, isn't it? It's trying to teach you self worth. It's trying to teach you self love. It's trying to invoke with you and this goes back to the conversation we just had about the duality in the world, the good and the evil, right? Again, here, the evil in quotes, right, is the guilt and shame. The good is the sense of self worth and self love. One is merely there to teach you the other. Therefore, the one that has the guilt and shame are not enemies. Sure, they may come through the fact that our pelvic borders name champagne, right, or shame bone, it may come through the fact that we've experienced sexual abuse, emotional abuse, any kind of abuse, it may come through a lot of, we store a lot of grief in our wounds. As women we store grief and even men, it may come from a lot of grief that we're carrying around. It could be any number of these things, but at the end of the day, that disconnecting vibration of guilt and shame is there as a beautiful messenger, telling us Hello, it's time for you to immerse yourself and remember your worth, and to remember that you are the child of the universe, that you are the most favored child of the universe.


Sheetal Rajan  59:33

But without ever experiencing darkness. Nobody would appreciate the light. And that's just the way we're, we're made that duality. That duality is part of the oneness. So guilt and shame, in that essence is a beautiful messenger that's coming along and judging us for a few weeks to teach us our worth to help us remember our self worth To help us remember to immerse ourselves in self love, isn't it and in any form at all, and it goes guilt and shame. It also goes into instability, resentment, any negative emotion that you are feeling, or experiencing or a situation that happens that pushes you into any of these negative emotions. The number one question to ask is, haha, here it is, what is this trying to teach me? If this is the negative, what is the other side of the coin? You see. And although all of the other negative emotions get you to a pretty strong place, I have noticed amongst Well, mainly amongst women, I'd like to say because we, you know, also come with a lot of years and years of being served guilt and shame, as a side to every dish we've ever eaten. is the thing that we all as women experience, right? So I have noticed that when women work on transmuting, their guilt and shame into self worth into recognizing self worth, I've noticed that there is a higher level of transformation that happens to them. Right? It's breaking free from one of the most limiting constructs that keep you in a space of not exploring and not realizing who you really are. Yeah, definitely. Guilt and shame are unpopular friends.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:01:31

Yeah. So juicy, though, for me. Yeah,


Sheetal Rajan  1:01:35

it's the friends you always have to invite to the party because they bring the best.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:01:41

Yes. Okay. One other topic I want to touch on, because I do. I mean, it was so poignant. For me. In our last session, we were trying to balance my doing and my being, right, because I'm doing a lot in this in this pocket of my life. And I was hoping you could just touch on that a little bit. Because I think, whether it's a woman or a man, or whoever there is course a need to show up in our 3d worlds and do and go to like, you know, it's part of the culture, people work out, you're exerting yourself or the


Sheetal Rajan  1:02:18

game. It's part of the game, it's playing it, it's all about playing that game, isn't it? Now, if you look at the difference of doing and being right, and we look at it from an energetic point of view, like I said earlier, we are pure energy, we are constantly projecting vibrations. From our heart from our brainwaves, our thoughts are producing brainwaves, our heart is producing like a like a Wi Fi signal into the universe, and pulling in, you know, the harmonic resonance of exactly what we're thinking. The biggest thing I would say, while stepping into this journey of living in alignment with your subtle energies, or subtle energies, or you're in kundalini, it's called the 10 bodies. In sacred geometry, Quantum Experience, it's merely your energy field, right? To live in alignment with that energy field and kind of have connection with past present future to always be in a contemplative state, right?


Sheetal Rajan  1:03:10

As you step into this journey, the biggest thing to remember, and it's so simple that I find it very profound sometimes right? Is this line, write it down, stick it up on your fridge, right? I am doing this because I want to, not because I have to. Because you don't have to do anything. You don't have to do anything. We are, after all, just a transient consciousness that's just existing in this blip of a moment in, you know, in the timeline of the universe. Let us not give ourselves so much self importance that we believe that we are the ones that are going to change the Universe with our actions, right? Chase your happiness. Chase what you want to chase maybe some of them if you'd like to chase sadness, that's up to you. I always say I don't I don't stop anybody Chase what you want. But do it because you want to not because you have to. If you take the example of a person working on Wall Street, and they have this, you know, structure job, and they have this vision to make millions and they want to buy a big house somewhere in the Hamptons, and you know, this is this is their plan. He doesn't have to do it. He might as well just let go and move to Cali become a become a you know, nice, hippie, and we all get fed by the way. We will all get fed, we'll all get shelter. We all have everything. We are abundant in our life. 


Sheetal Rajan  1:04:37

But do it because you want to. I like the excitement of being on Wall Street. I love the idea of pushing myself to get that big home somewhere that I wanted to see. Suddenly when you look at it from that perspective of you know, understanding the doing and being right. Mostly all you're doing is being happy in what you To, because when you want to do something you're always passionate about it. You see, when you don't want to do something isn't Oh, I don't want to do. But when you want to do something, when you say, oh, Tony, I would love to I want to do this with you, right? Suddenly we're excited our creativity bubbles open up, right? The doors of creativity open up, we are more compassionate with each other. We share knowledge. But if I didn't, because I have to do it. And I take this podcast as an example. All but I,


Tonya Papanikolov  1:05:32

you had to I


Sheetal Rajan  1:05:37

have to do this podcast because it has to do with X, Y, and Zed some kind of ego constructs, either. It's why do we do podcasts? We do podcasts for exposure, right? So is it Oh, it's very, I have to do it, because it's exposure. And, you know, Tonya and me have a relationship and I have to maintain it, I stopped to suddenly make our relationship seem very restricted. But when I want to do this podcast, suddenly, I'm in love with you, in conversation with you is, is a breath of fresh air. Sudden, suddenly, I'm not. I'm not trying too hard. And somehow, when I don't try too hard. Abundance just flows my way. And this is what I'm teaching every single in every single workshop and every single event that I do all of the private coaching that I do when clients come and sit down in front of me and say, Oh, I have to do this, I have to get the house. And I have to do this. And I can send my children here. And I say, No, you don't have to open the door or send your kids out. These don't do that. One has to do anything, because when it gets into the eye must, it suddenly put restrictions on you. Right, but when you want to do it, you suddenly feel like waking up in the morning, you want to be part of these things. You want to add as much love and compassion into it as possible.


Sheetal Rajan  1:07:06

I have one client who is a VP of something in a big pharma company in the US. Yeah. When she first came to me, she was fully in her masculine, extremely successful, and quite a powerful woman right. But what was lacking was Flo. Today, she has worked with me for about a year now. Today she is this absolute balance between masculine and feminine. And when she arrived at a space in this company where troubleshooting needs to be done, where back in the days, she used to panic when something bad used to happen. Today, she approaches it with what I call Compassionate Leadership. Right? With compassionate communication, that conscious leadership when when she approaches it, everybody that works around her after she calmly and soothingly offers the solution. Every person around her she tells me every month she says I just received another email from another one of my colleagues saying the way you handled it was so nice. I feel so comfortable around you. You are You are the safety of our company. Not because she projects this through her words, but just through her actions. She goes to work because she wants to not because she has to. Right so if I had to bring it boil it down to that one statement, it is I'm doing it because I want to not because I have to.


Sheetal Rajan  1:08:34

And suddenly that want leads to all of the high vibrational emotions and suddenly life becomes smooth. And yes, we do get lost in Antonia I take your example at this point, right? We do get lost in pockets of our life like you said, where we need to do more you know more content and more networking and bigger decisions and expansion and all of these things for the company that we work in or a new house we want to take I understand right? The important thing there is as you are paddling through these things as you are like rushing through these things take pause and remind yourself i I'm doing this because I want to not because I have to because when you do it because you have to suddenly things start going wrong. Limitations start happening things don't go right papers don't get signed, somebody forgets a document. But when you do this because you want to and you approach it with love and compassion. Everything just seems to unfold on its own. You see Yeah. So yeah, do we do it because you want to not because you have to


Tonya Papanikolov  1:09:41

love that. I love that so much. Well, I feel that there's so much more we could dive into and we'll save it for another time I'm chatting with you. So grateful to be able to to work with you but Yeah, I'll be chatting with you in a few weeks. But to wrap things up, I always ask everybody to share a prayer a wish and intention. download something with our audience, what would you like to leave us with?


Sheetal Rajan  1:10:13

Oh, lovely. Well, that's a good one. I think simplicity is the key. I think it's an old Hindu mantra. And it's powerful. It's not necessarily a prayer it's a it's a proper chant. An affirmation Believe it or not, so. Seto mass at Gmail dot musoma Jo Taragarh. Maya, Marie tilma amrutam Gamma ja. Home Shanti Shanti. Shah Shanti. He. The prayer says ohm as an almighty, abundant universal matrix au M. Please carry me from untruth to truth. from dark to light. From death to life. On all abundance, universal matrix, peace.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:11:27

Peace, peace. Thank you so much. When I hear that chant, I just, it's just so you I hear it every every call. And I chant it now too.


Sheetal Rajan  1:11:45

Yeah, thanks. That's very powerful. That's a simple thing, isn't it? Just, hey, carry me from, you know untrue to truth. It's almost as though I'm calling out my own bullshit. Like, am I really saying the truth to myself, carry me from dark to light carry me from death to life. That's it, you know, and the I coined this term to help people understand that we're part of part of a oneness. So a U N, which is, right. I translated that into abundant universal matrix, right? And abundant universal matrix is that oneness. So you're speaking to that universal, the one matrix and saying, Help me out because you are me and I am you. You know. Thank you, Tonya. Thank you.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:12:33

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Sheila. That was a wisdom. packed, packed wisdom. Thank you so much. Love you. Love you. With deep gratitude. Thanks for tuning into this episode. If you liked it, hit subscribe and leave us a review that is always very appreciated. Mushrooms transformed my mind and body. And if you're interested in bringing medicinal mushrooms into your life and health journey, check out .com for our meticulously sourced Canadian fruiting body mushroom tinctures. Until next time, peace and peace out friends