a hand with gold nail polish is holding a mug over top snow. Inside the mug is a bright blue and bubbly liquid that is laced with white from milk.

Fran's Blue Medicinal Mushroom Latte

Medicinal Mushroom Lattes

Our friend and holistic nutritionist Fran Allen created this beautiful recipe for us. 
"This is one of my favourite ways to start my day. Since quitting caffeine, I’ve noticed that I wake up much easier and my energy is sustained throughout the day but I still love the ritual of a morning latte. By adding adaptogens like Rainbo, it keeps my stress lower and my immunity up! Here is one of my favourite recipes for my morning elixir." 

Fran's Blue Medicinal Mushroom Latte

Serves 1 



  1. Steep butterfly pea tea with ginger and boiling water for 1-2 minutes until dark indigo. Strain the tea and add to your favourite mug. 
  2. Top the tea with foamed milk, Rainbo tincture and Forest Juice to taste. Combine all ingredients together, gently and enjoy :)