The Sting of Healing: The Science and Secrets of Bee Venom Therapy with Kate Hinkens

The Sting of Healing: The Science and Secrets of Bee Venom Therapy with Kate Hinkens

Show Notes:

Inside the fascinating world of apitherapy, I sat down with Kate Hinkens, bee venom therapist, educator, and the founder of Stinglab, to learn how she healed a debilitating condition with Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) and to explore bee venom’s (apitoxin) healing properties as part of the body’s regenerative cycle. 

Kate is an expert in the field, dedicated to the research and therapeutic application of BVT. In our conversation, Kate shares how BVT cured her of Lyme disease through its inflammatory healing properties. She illustrates the specific compounds found in BVT, the application process, and its ability to kill bacteria and viruses found in the body. We discuss the social structure of a bee hive and the relationship between worker bees, queen bees, and the external world.

We also explore how BVT specifically impacts bees. Kate details the balance between bees and beekeepers and the interconnectedness of BVT and death. Empathy and reverence can exist at the same time. Finally, Kate shares a fascinating story about fungi and bees’ ancient relationship and highlights ways for newly diagnosed individuals to train the nervous system and aid the body’s inflammatory response. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Various uses for bee venom therapy (BVT)
  • How Kate found BVT and healed herself 
  • Why integrity and trust are crucial for healing
  • The BVT application process
  • The social structure of a bee hive 
  • How BVT affects bees’ livelihood 
  • The connection and history of mushrooms and bees

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